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Pride In Pieces – Groove Machine


Dedicated to building and promoting local and undiscovered talent, StudioF is the little voice in the back of your head that tells your foot to punch the gas when you catch a break in traffic.

Bred straight from the land of misfit toys, we live in the back of the class and smoke behind dumpsters. We are the HardCore Guerrilla Punk Rock Style Backpack Clad One-Man Riots of humanity. We are the joke-maker’s for the world around us, because we have learned first to laugh at our selves.We know our shit, so we talk our shit. In fact, we do shit our own fucking way!

All the ways you wish you could be…that is us. We look how you want to look…we fuck how you want to fuck. We are smart, capable, and most importantly, we are free in all the ways you are not. We are freedom at its very definition.

We are StudioF
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