2015 Polaris Slingshot


So, sometimes on my travels throughout town (doing the day – job thing), I run into some of the most interesting characters. Meet the 2015 Polaris Slingshot…or “Red Lightning”, as her owner Len has dubbed her.

Cranking off the line with a 166 foot pounds of torque at 1400 rpm, this bad girl can head from 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds topping out at 130 miles an hour and boasting a 173 horsepower and a top of 6200 rpms. Add that to the 10 gallon gas tank and “about 50 miles per gallon”, as Len told me, and yes boys and girls this is one mean machine.

I didn’t want to appear rude and ask Len, a 35 year veteran in the custom car restoration field,  how much he dropped on it…hell he showed me a serial number only four digits long. A pretty penny i thought,  semi-wrongly stereotyping the situation, but i discovered later online that the base price is “relatively inexpensive”…RELATIVELY being the key word.  If one were to compare it to its competitor,  the Campagna T-Rex (base starting $65,000), based off cost alone the starting base of just under $20,000 for the basic model ($25,000 for the deluxe) seems  to be the more cost effective…for those who are able to shop with disposable income of course.

Instead of prying into financial details,  I asked him “why do you refer to it as a girl…or why is it a HER? ”

“Because,” he said with that sly old – man smile that your grandpa gets when he’s about to tell you a joke,  “she’s a little hard to handle after you get her wet. ”

Len was cool as hell, check his ride.




I am thankful…
For Music, that allows me the freedom to lose myself in it.

For Love,  to show the world that we should still have hope.

For the Hard Times,  because they made us strong enough to appreciate the good times.

For the Friends that I chose,  and the ones that chose me.

For Family to be to be a solitary candle in a world of darkness.

We might not have much, but what we have we are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from StudioF

How To Break the Internet

kim 1New York, NY – November 12th 2014,  Paper magazine, the new york-based quarterly paper publication had one purpose, to break the Internet.

Kim Kardashian,  possibly the most recognizable face on the Internet today, flashed her “goods” in a publicity stunt for Paper Magazine’s winter issue. I don’t know if anybody told her or not, but we’ve all seen it already…

Charlotte Attler of Time Magazine clarifies “breaking the Internet” as engineering one story to dominate social.media at the expense of more newsworthy things. (Like, for example, the fact that humans have landed a probe on a comet for a first time in history.) So perhaps a more accurate term would be “hijacking the Internet,” since really these stories seem to be manipulating online fervor rather than shutting the whole thing down.

And with pictures of Kim’s Honey Buns covering my Facebook wall and Twitter feed, it was only a matter of time before the Internet fired back. By lunch on Wednesday, the social media geeks armed with their trusty Photoshop cut and paste tools created a fervor dedicated to making Kim’s backside live on in meme infamy.

And now for your viewing pleasure,  some of the more timeless memes of Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet.

No on 68


No Additional Gambling in Aurora.

Aurora, Colo – Colorado voters have said NO to using gambling miney to fund education. CBS Denver explains Amendment 68 proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to permit casino gambling at horse racetracks in Arapahoe, Mesa and Pueblo; limited to one racetrack in each county and distribute new casino gambling tax revenue to K-12 public schools.

Brandon Rittiman, KUSA explains although it states that 34% of its revenue will go to a special Arapahoe county k-12 schools fund, this is because the writers of Amendment 68 are also the owners of Arapahoe Park and included a higher tax on themselves.  This was to substantiate the facts that the rest of the casinos on pay 17%.

The Denver Post’s Carlos Illescas reports this proposition is a concoction from four basic companies; Mile High Racing and Entertainment, the parent company who owns the Arapahoe County horse racetrack, and Isle of Capri, Monarch and Ameristar Casinos, the three major companies owning the casinos in Blackhawk and Central City.

This proposition goes on to explain that this will only have effect in three countries Arapahoe, Mesa and Pueblo.  What it doesn’t mention is that besides Arapahoe, there is no racetrack built yet in Mesa or Pueblo counties. Arapahoe Park would be the only racetrack that would currently qualify to open a casino. KDVR in Denver states if the voters would have said yes making the only way to get organized gambling inside the city limits is to change the Colorado constitution. The Rhode Island company that owns Arapahoe Park would set be bring in a $221 million a year is estimated gambling business; 22 times its current horse racing revenue.

TheDenverchannel.com found that this amendment was set to bring in an estimated $114million in taxes per year.  That’s including tax on revenue acquired. This would break down to roughly $95 per student and a 1% increase in spending per student. The basic yield of this amendment would be around $47,000 per school; roughly enough to hire an extra staff member.

The amendment failed by a  72% – 28% margin.

What Does Everyone Want? HEAD!!!

Broomfield, Colo – The LA Times reported that the 20 pound bronze bust of the late singer, 53 year old John Denver was stolen from its home at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo. Tuesday night. Denver, who was killed Oct. 12, 1997 in a plane crash just outside Monterey Bay, was commemorated in bronze and had his bust statue placed on display at the 1st Bank Center.

The bust of the “Rocky Mountain High” singer was on loan to the arena from the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, which had it on loan from the Denver family. G. Brown, director of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame told the LA Times, “we just want it back, no questions asked.”

Kiernan Maletsky, Music Editor for The Denver Westword reports, It wasn’t just a reminder of the man who co-wrote the co-state song. The life-sized sculpture had become a fixture in the main hallway at the arena. Visitors and bands frequently posed with the John or gave him a pat for good luck.

It wouldn’t be that hard to physically remove the bust from the stand. Weighing about that same as a bowling ball, the skill would be in the overall brazenness getting it out the door and the overall disregard for etiquette.

106.7 KBPI, the station that was hosting the concert that night, made an announcement Wednesday morning on-air about the theft. Although KBPI is predominately a hard rock format, they were caught playing “Rock Mountain High” Wednesday morning in hopes of raising awareness of the incident.

They even started a hashtag campaign, #bringJDback, in the hopes that whoever woke up and had a bronze head in their bed next to them would return the statue without damage. Robert Garrison, KUSA, reports that the event’s Facebook page is asking whoever stole the statue to bring it back to the station’s headquarters, 4695 S. Monaco St. in Denver, no questions asked.

Brown was later quoted, “it’s a one of a kind piece of art, it’s irreplaceable…It can’t be of any worth to them, relative to John Denver’s family and the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.”

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up Ain’t the Coffee In My Cup

Bathroom Catastrophe

Mornings! The word itself exudes images of breakfast, the sunrise, or even sleeping in on a weekend, but for some, morning starts once the sun goes down. The Triple Venti Mocha Latte is the hard start the body of the road musician requires in order to pull out of the ditch they drove themselves in the night prior. They use Rock N’ Roll and copious amount s of alcohol, among other substances in order to “sparkle” for all of you. Fighting off the inevitable hangover with a shot of a “little hair of the dog that bit you”, is usually only the second step in the recovery project, sometimes followed by a shower if lucky enough to have such facilities at hand (or be parked at a truck stop).

It takes a little bit of a scrub to remove the sins from the night prior. That could mean taking a bird bath in a gas station bathroom and picking the Cheetos dust out of your beard. Then it’s a dinner of fine cuisine of said gas station delicacies, namely a burrito that’s molten on the outside yet still frozen in the middle. It’s time for the nightly call home to the family.

The people left at home, the support group that keeps the dream alive. The wives, the girlfriends, the kids believing in their daddy the “rockstar”, the people that love us. Those are who drive the rock, the soul behind the music, the pain that makes the road bearable for they are whom we come home to. So this morning, the best part of the day isn’t that first cup of coffee that secretly has a shot of whiskey in it, but simply hearing the laughter and love from my family.

Live In The Now!! Local Rock Blog


Knotfest by JoSh C

Slipknot is hosting there annual KnotFest in San Bernardino CA later this month, and they were

hoping to have a special gift for all you Maggots. “-Since we’re not a band anymore, we’re a culture,-

that culture has to have a smell,” says Slipknots Shawn “Clown” Crahan to AP Magazine, “KnotFest has

its own aroma that will infest your brain, body, and clothes for days after the festival is over. Personally

picked by Slipknot themselves, the smell of KnotFest will permeate the festival grounds. Oil Drums will

be filled with Camel shit…set aflame to last the entire festival.”

Unfortunately for all you sic and demented out there who think this is the most metal thing you

have heard in all of our fifteen years. Fire officials are not letting this fly. Not because of the undeniable

stench of Camel shit, but because it is illegal to burn oil in the California. Now, I don’t think this is going

to stop the nine from getting there stink on. I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get that shit to burn.

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and I’m sure Slipknot will get what they want.

Tickets are on sale now for Knotfest if you want to go to San Bernardino CA and experience this

“Shit Show” with your own nose. On the bill alongside Slipknot is Killswitch Engage, Of Mice and Men,

the Devil Wears Prada, Suicide Silence and many more.

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